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you'll always be in my heart no matter where I go  / Steven Totty-Hefley (Big Brother )  Read >>
you'll always be in my heart no matter where I go  / Steven Totty-Hefley (Big Brother )
you helped me through all the bad times now I can finally go home just as you would of wanted .So thank you for helping me through this as well as being my guardian angel.
In my thoughts and heart as always  / Donna Pavlik (mom)  Read >>
In my thoughts and heart as always  / Donna Pavlik (mom)

Thinking about you alot this morning and missing you. You are on my mind and in my heart everyday. Even though I don't write on here everyday, I check your site everyday and look at some of the pictures. Not a day goes by that you are forgotten. Somedays are easier to think of the good times and funny memories and somedays all I can think of is the horrible day when we lost you. Today is one of the tough days. I miss you so much and wish I had one more chance to hold you and tell you what a special girl you are. Although we had our rough times, you brought alot more good times and laughter to us. You could be quite the funny girl, although sometimes you didn't even know it. I just miss hearing you call me mom and all the hugs you loved to give. I try to think that you are in a better place but from here it is hard to think that way when my heart is so sad. Like I said, you are with me everyday in my heart.

I love you so much sweetheart and miss you tons,


Mom Close
Another memorial for you...  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)  Read >>
Another memorial for you...  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)
The school had a beautiful memorial for you today. They planted a pretty pink crab apple tree for you. Carlene Gordon said they picked the tree because you loved the color pink, you could occasionally be crabby and you were the apple of so many of our eyes! Mrs. Fridel sang a beautiful song too. It was a really nice memorial. There were alot of teachers there. It just shows how many lives you have touched. I love you and miss you dear. 
Julie Close
I haven't forgotten. .  / Kristi Taylor (friend)  Read >>
I haven't forgotten. .  / Kristi Taylor (friend)
Despite how crazy this past year has been I still think about you often and I miss you so much.  I was actually just thinking about the one and only time Justin and I took you down to the park (even though he really didn't want to) and you had so much fun.  It makes me miss your little laugh and I wish we would have done those things more often.  Miss you much. . love you more.

-Kristi Close
missing Angie  / MAMA CAROL RETZER (LOVED HER )  Read >>
  As life moves on so quickly it is so hard to believe a year has passed and at the same time an eternity.  I was contacted from the Focus For Families and they want to do an investigation.  I think anyone who cares helps but where was there concern when we all struggled?? and when we cared and they (the state ) didn't.  How many other stories are out there?  My thoughts today are with the Pavliks and I'm sorry they have to go through this again, this time of year and all it represents.  To have to go through that I can't 
imagine.  When my mind goes in that direction I push it away.  
  I had lunch with Dawn and the boys.  I spent time with Ryan and he does remind you of Angie and Stevie in a happy sort of way.  He is very busy and cute with Angies brown eyes.  I hope to be able to visit him more  and just help out.  I want to meet the Pavliks soon and maybe find the reason for all of this even though we may never know.  We are going up-north today  for the holiday.  We haven't been up in a while.  I don't care to go to the cemetary and still intend to take Dawn and Ryan there someday.  Enough rambling,  thinking of everyone who loved Angie in my heart , thoughts and prayers.  Carol Close
I can't believe we have been without you for a year  / Donna Pavlik (Mom)  Read >>
I can't believe we have been without you for a year  / Donna Pavlik (Mom)

Today is the one year anniversary of the horrific day when we got the call that something had happened to you. I can't help but reliving that day over and over again. I remember getting you up that morning and helping you get dressed as you were sleepy and hard to wake up. I remember giving you a kiss goodbye and saying that I love you and to have a good day. Judy picked you up that morning for you appointment for your foot braces and you were so excited to be getting braces like Michael. Then I remember the panic I felt when I got the phone call and racing to leave work and get your dad to come over by you. Seeing you that day was so difficult. I knew things didn't look good but we had to hope and pray. 

You are always on my mind and in my heart. I promise you I will keep your memory alive and try to remember the good times instead of dwelling on what happened to you that day. Somedays it still seems like just yesterday and sometimes it seems like forever since I held you. You are missed and loved by so many people. You had a way of touching the lives of people who only knew you for a short time.

I love you so much sweetheart and miss you terribly,


Mom Close
For Angie's Family  / Cynthia Totty-Hefley (bio brother's mom )  Read >>
For Angie's Family  / Cynthia Totty-Hefley (bio brother's mom )
I know that this must be a difficult week with the one year anniversary of the loss of your sweet little girl. I ws so pleased to have met you and to know what wonderful people she spent her last years with. Tara and I were just talking about Angel on our way home from the store today.  Steven and I are working on a memorial scrap book about his little sister.

May God bless you with gentle breezes filled with love from Heavon.


Cindy Close
thinking of you  / Kayla Mirkin (friend)  Read >>
thinking of you  / Kayla Mirkin (friend)
ange i really didnt knoow you but for a couple hours of your short life and you were a very active little girl and you sure put a huge smile on my face i miss you every day i think of you alot. when i heard of your death i felt nimb knowing that not even 6months befor you were trying to ride a two wheeled bike wwith me and we walked tothe store and went to the park you were all over  not wasting a minute of your time. we need more people like you in the world bright cheerful and happy.i gave a speech on you and made my NHD prokest about you letting every one know how wonderful you were and that what happend was wrong. i hope one day restraing children will be outlawed...

love your friend 
kayla Close
Happy Mother's Day  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )  Read >>
Happy Mother's Day  / Donna Gramlich (Mother of Another Angel {Matthew} )

God Bless You...
Love Alway's '
Donna Gramlich & Ron Ayers

Memorial for you  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)  Read >>
Memorial for you  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)
Well Ang we went to a beautiful memorial last night for you. It was neat to see how many people are helping to keep your memory alive. It was also nice to see that Jo and Rick Pelishek, and Hugh Davis from Wisconsin Family Ties are still working to change laws. They are some woderful advocates! I am still so angry and sad that you were taken from us all. I just hope that some positive change comes from this tragedy. I believe that God chose you to be his special angel to help make a difference and help changes come about. Please know that I think about you every day and I love you so much.
Julie Close
Thinking of you!  / Caitlin Hoefs (cousin)  Read >>
Thinking of you!  / Caitlin Hoefs (cousin)
Hey Angie!
I have been thinking of you a lot lately! I am having a hard timr because tomorrow is a memorial in Rice Lake! It will be very hard letting balloons go! I love you so much! Undescribable!

I love you hun,

xoxoxo Close
We all love her sooo  / Carol Retzer (mama Carol )  Read >>
We all love her sooo  / Carol Retzer (mama Carol )
  I check Angie's site frequently and although it helps to remember her it also is so painful.  Thank you to Donna's wonderful family -it's quite apparent- for allowing us into Angie's remembrance and life.  I have no doubt that if they -the state- would have included us in her life Angie would not have struggled so.  It helps to know that she was loved and there was another family that cared and loved her so.         The situation has always been so difficult and I totally understand how our lives go on.  We tried two girls after Angie and it will never be the same but when kids need help it's difficult to say no.    Angie was the only one who touched us the way she did.  After Angie's death I told one of the counselors "there is not a child within the system that could have been worse for this to happen to."  We had so many unresolved  issues and were waiting for her and now how it has affected the Pavlik's and surrounding family doubles the statement.  We all loved her so!  Thank you for allowing us to grieve with you it helps not being rejected . Some try to make previous families sound like they moved her from place to place.  Are there faults within the system ?  ABSOLUTELY!  But there is not fault with anyone who cared and loved Angie.  Thank you for alloing us to grieve together.  I find it amazing how all our lives have been brought together from one little girl and maybe thats God's plan that we join together in our love for this child.  God bless Angie and all who love her. Close
I miss you so!  / Caitlin Hoefs (Cousin)  Read >>
I miss you so!  / Caitlin Hoefs (Cousin)
Hey ang,
I miss you soo much. A couple nights ago I watched a film on the kids point of view on what it is like going from home to home and getting adopted and it changes your whole point of view of everything. I also watched a slide show that Carol and Carly put together and it was wonderful! The night I watched it I cried myself to sleep. I watched it the nest few nights after that and cried myself to sleep then too. Donna got 3 new foster kids. She likes seeing kids in the house again but they will NEVER replace you. No one can. bring you back or replace your smile and heart-warming laugh. Well I am going to go now angel!!
I love you more then words can explain!<3
You Loving Cousin,

xoxoxoxo hugs and kisses! Close
I miss u so....  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)  Read >>
I miss u so....  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)
Well Ang I just got done watching a video about foster care, but it is from the kids point of view and oh my goodness does it give me a better understanding of why some of your behaviors were like they were. I also just watched a dvd put together by your other foster mom Carol and her family and it was just awesome. It really made me feel good to see how much you were loved by them. I wish we would of known about them when you were still alive. It had to of been so hard for you to leave them when you did. At least if we would of known about them we could of talked to you about them or given you the chance to talk to us about them. They were a big part of your life! I do thank God though for giving us the chance to let you be part of our family too. Our lives have forever been changed. You taught us so much. I love you Angie!
Julie Close
I miss you so much angel  / Sabrina Eskridge (foster sister )  Read >>
I miss you so much angel  / Sabrina Eskridge (foster sister )
I rember whaen she first came to me and Dawns house. She was very quiet and shy.After a while she goot use to us. She was the only sister I've ever had. I was very mean to her,because I was so use to being the only child. When I found out she died my heart fell It felt as if my whole world came tumbeling down I regret everything that i did and wish I could take it ALL BACK.If only it could've  been me instead of her. I am now 15, I havent seen Angel since I was about11 and sh was 4. I have nothing but good memories of us. Rest in piece my baby sister!

With love sabrina eskridge Close
Happy Easter  / Sasha Potter (Sister)  Read >>
Happy Easter  / Sasha Potter (Sister)

Happy Easter Angie, I wish you couldve been here this morning to find your eggs and your easter basket. This Easter was so different without you here, seems like everythings way different though. I remember last Easter when you came in my room and wanted to help me find my eggs. I miss the little things like that more than anything. I miss you so much. Hope you had a great Easter in heaven with Grandpa and Brett. Love you hun.

Easter Morning  / Donna Pavlik (Mom)  Read >>
Easter Morning  / Donna Pavlik (Mom)

As always missing you this morning. Being Easter it is a harder day yet. There is no excitement of the day in this house without you. I can picture you in that pretty dress of Vanessa's last year all excited to look for your basket and eggs. I am missing that so much this morning. No one is here begging me to let them start looking for their basket and eggs. I hope you are spending the day in heaven with Brett and Grandpa Potter. I hope you have a good Easter with them. I miss you so much everyday. I love you more than you know. I am on this site everyday although I don't write always. You will be in my heart today as you are everyday. 

Love you sweetheart and miss you like crazy,

Happy Easter!!


Mom Close
Missing you...  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)  Read >>
Missing you...  / Julie Hoefs (Aunt)
Hello Ang~ I have been thinking about you all day. This last weekend we went to Jellystone to the indoor water park and I just wish so much that you could of been there with us! Vanessa did play with Megan but I just know she was missing you. Donna gave her your pretty Bratz towel to use. Things will just never be the same without you here. I keep thinking about how last year you had so much fun at the Easter egg hunt in Bruce, that is coming up this weekend and I just don't even want to go. I know that is not fair to do that to my kids but it is hard to care sometimes. I love you hun and I miss you much!
Jul Close
have a heavenally easter angie  / Cheri Brooks   Read >>
have a heavenally easter angie  / Cheri Brooks
Angie's Idea of a deer hunting season  / Carol Retzer   Read >>
Angie's Idea of a deer hunting season  / Carol Retzer
Me and all the kids were coming home from town.  Angie started talking about the deer hanging in the tree at our neighbor's in Ogema.  "There's a deer in the tree,  we need to feed the deer in the tree, hurry the deer in hungry,ect." She chattered so fast all we could do it count the word "deer".  We still argue the amt of times she said deer but it was in the 60's and our trailor was only 3 miles away.  We laughed so hard.   Then when we got back to the trailor Stevie went next door to see the deer.  He came in the door and said "how can we get the deer out of the tree, I think he's hungry"   Close
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